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Our Difference

We are industry leaders in all aspects of underground infrastructure, from commercial, residential, and municipal work. Not only do we operate our Hydrovac trucks with excellence, but we also have hands-on experience performing many of the repairs which require a Hydrovac excavation. We pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations by performing quality work and by providing dependable service. At TerraVac, our ethos is simple: maximum service, minimal impact.

Maximum Service, Minimal Risk

TerraVac is changing the game in Hydrovacing with our unique offerings to serve you better and save you more. We go above and beyond the industry standard when it comes to your Hydrovacing needs, along with maximum care and minimal impact to your property, your job, and your budget.

TerraVac services bring you the most value when we come to your site. Not only can we complete essential Hydrovac functions, but we can also assist you with start to finish, comprehensive services to get the job done; this makes the right Hydrovac for your site a TerraVac.

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What is Hydrovacing?

Hydro Excavation or Hydrovacing refers to the process of digging all types of soil using high-pressure water and a large vacuum. This method is beneficial to expose underground utilities or to perform a minimal impact excavation. Some examples include digging a bell hole for utility tie-ins, slot trenching, or daylighting. Hydrovacing is a much safer alternative to mechanical excavation because it reduces the risk of striking a live underground utility.

There are many applications for a Hydrovac on your construction site to ensure safe excavation. The cost of hiring a Hydrovac truck outweighs the cost of striking a utility and potentially causing a fatality or severe injury.

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Our Truck

Our truck is equipped with the industry's most powerful 6400 CFM blower and a 3500 PSI water pump to ensure we complete our work safely and efficiently, saving you time and money. We can carry a 12,000 Kg payload, a code tank, approved to carry dangerous goods.

A competent and qualified TerraVac operator and swamper will be on every job site to ensure the safety of our staff, the public, and the worksite. Our seasoned team enables us to perform our specialty services when you need them most.

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  • Hydrovac

    Daylighting, Line Locating, Slot Trenching, Hydro Excavating of Soil (Residential and Commercial), Culvert Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Dewatering, and Remote Hoses.

  • Backfill

    Tandem Stone Slinger, Dump Trucks, Backfill Material, Drain Rock, Road Crush, Screened Loam, Bedding Sand, and Support Trucks.

  • Specialty Services

    2nd Call Locating, Pin Finder (Curb Stop Locating), Sewer, Pipe or Conduit Camera & Locating, Shoring Systems, Construction Fence Rental And More!

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Maximum Care, Minimal Risk

Safety is our #1 priority – the safety of our clients, employees, subcontractors, and the public is our utmost concern. We hold our COR Certification in recognition of our company's established health and safety management system. We are a compliant member of Avetta and a partner with the Calgary Construction Association (CCA), Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association (ARHCA), North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT), and the Alberta Association of Safety Partnerships (AASP).

All operators are trained and certified in First Aid, H2S, Confined Space, Fall Protection, Equipotential Bonding, and Ground Disturbance.

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Minimal Impact on the Environment

TerraVac understands that the work we complete impacts not only our clients but the environment too. We recognize our environmental responsibility and ensure that all Hydrovac waste generated is taken to an approved Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) disposal location and is recycled for reuse into water, silts, clays, and aggregates. TerraVac embeds sustainable policies and practices into our extensive Health, Safety, and Environmental system. Our Hydrovac technology supports safe, fast, and accurate excavation, allowing for mitigation of disruption and damage.

  • Experienced Operators

  • Sustainable Environmental Practices

  • A Safety-first Approach

  • Leading Underground Infrastructure Industry Expertise