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What are private utilities and secondary locates? Most excavating contractors know that it is the law to book with Alberta One-Call to receive a 1st call locate and clearance to dig before any ground disturbance occurs. Alberta One-Call only locates utilities from the main service line to the first termination point on the property, and […]

When leaving an open excavation unattended a barrier to public access is necessary and secure construction fencing is imperative. Construction site fencing is a base requirement for safety, to resist unwanted entry, and to protect the public. It is also a critical step to comply with City of Calgary Bylaws and Occupational Health and Safety […]

For some contractors, fixing a sewer, water line, or conduit issue involves guesswork and early diagnosis. When you work with TerraVac, you can rest assured that our cutting-edge CCTV equipment will allow us to view and understand the issue before we set to work. By conducting highly accurate line locating along with camera inspection services, […]

Shoring is necessary to support a structure to prevent a collapse, typically in trenches where site conditions do not allow for proper sloping to enter an excavation safely. Common site conditions that require shoring are excavations over 1.5 meters deep without appropriate sloping and unstable soil conditions due to material or weather. Engineering controls help […]

Pin finding refers to locating a metal object buried in the ground on construction sites or your property. Generally, these objects affect the distribution and transport of utilities. Some common items are curb stops (cc’s or water shut-off), gas valves in older neighborhoods, property line or survey pins, and manhole or catch basin lids that […]

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